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Talk about a small world, when I mentioned Pirsig’s book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” I was at the spot in the book where he talks about the classic vs the romantic views of life. Classic wants answers, romantic wants ‘soul’ (this is rather simplified. Pirsig says it much better.) The classic mind will repair the motorcycle, the romantic doesn’t want to get involved and will get an expert to do it.

Now, on to the chase. Last night, we went to a movie, and when we came out, Patsy noticed that the dashboard clock said it was 12:30, when it was really 9:00. This was a warning that something was wrong. This morning, we went out and found the battery dead. Well, no sweat, I’ve changed batteries before. It’s a messy job but no big deal.

The Chevy Colorado has an air cooled box around the battery. Yeah. After I wrestle with the cover and finally get to the battery, there is a clip holding it in place. The clip is fastened with a nut and sits inside a raised area at the very bottom of the tray. You cannot put a regular wrench on this guy, so I’ll need sockets and an extension. I pull out my metric socket set and discover the nut is a fourteen mm. I have 12 mm and 15mm sockets, no 14 mm, also I can’t find the extension for the ratchet. So, off to the store I went, thinking what a pisser it was that I had a 15, but no 14. When I got there, I forget fourteen and bought a fifteen deep socket along with the extension.

Well, back at the house, I discovered the mistake. Fortunately, my neighbor was outside and lent me the 14mm socket. I got the battery out and went back to the store with the old battery. The new battery cost $118.00. I must have reacted, because I’ve never paid that much for a car battery. The sales person showed me the computer screen and I saw, not only the price, but also that the case around the battery is air cooled and that it is difficult to replace and will take at least 30 minutes to do. And that’s for someone who has all the tools and the knowledge.

I got the new battery and went home. I got most of the set up reassembled, but was having difficulty with the negative post: the cable wouldn’t fit. Well, fortunately, I’ve run into this before, there was a plastic cover over the post that had to be removed. Once I did that, things went back together fairly quickly.

So, does this mean I have a classic mind, because I was willing to do the work myself, or does it just indicate that I’m cheap? I don’t think Pirsig included that in the discussion on views and values.

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