A Desultory TPing

Posted by marshal on July 23, 2009 in Uncategorized |

This morning, after Patsy and I returned from the gym, we discovered what I guess is a really half hearted attempt at TPing. We had a twelve foot long strip of toilet paper loosely wrapped around one of our shrubs. Well, not even wrapped around; let’s just say hanging from a couple of branches. There was no wind, so it didn’t blow there, but still…

We’ve been TPed before, so this was no shock, other than how lackadaisical it was. Maybe whoever did it had a short attention span, or maybe they were afraid of being caught in the act. It had to have happened around 9:00 in the morning. So, maybe what we have is a half-hearted vandal running around the neighborhood. Someone who, rather than egging your car, just lays the eggs under your tires so you can back over them.

A couple of years ago, we got TPed, but that time, they did the job right. What was funny was that I’d been to the doctor and had some condition, I can’t recall what, that required me to keep my head level; I couldn’t look up or down. I walked around with a long piece of PVC, looking up through my eyebrows and poking the paper out of the mesquite tree while Patsy was getting everything off the bushes. Later on, when she was at school, a couple of her students asked if that was her house they saw TPed. She answered sweetly that no, she hadn’t seen anything like that, why, did the students see something?

Well as to this morning’s TP, it was short, it was just looped over a couple of branches, and thank goodness, the paper hadn’t been used.

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