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Talk about a small world, when I mentioned Pirsig’s book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” I was at the spot in the book where he talks about the classic vs the romantic views of life. Classic wants answers, romantic wants ‘soul’ (this is rather simplified. Pirsig says it much better.) The classic mind […]


Gray Day and Zen

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It’s been really gray lately. We should be in our monsoon season, but not that much rain has fallen. I’ve been re-reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It’s a good book that should be read at least once by most people. Not all people, just like Ayn Rand shouldn’t be read by all […]


A Desultory TPing

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This morning, after Patsy and I returned from the gym, we discovered what I guess is a really half hearted attempt at TPing. We had a twelve foot long strip of toilet paper loosely wrapped around one of our shrubs. Well, not even wrapped around; let’s just say hanging from a couple of branches. There […]


Politics and friends

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This country needs both sides of the political aisle in order to get to the truth, or at least the best plan. The reason why I brought this up, is recently, I accidentally published something that was supposed to be a private communication. I was writing to a liberal friend and talking about a situation […]


What on earth is going on?

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I can’t believe some of the stuff going on right now. Sure, the country is in bad straits, and sure, the economy stinks. But the country has been in bad straits for at least six to eight years and our shoveling money into the bottomless pit started when we invaded Iraq. Everybody seems to have […]


Socialism in America

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I’m a professed liberal, although really more of a moderate.  Nevertheless, I spend time with a group of conservative friends who periodically send me stuff.  I usually check it out with Snopes, and then send back the results of what I’ve found.  There are two things that will get many of my friends going, however:  […]


Time and what it means

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Alvin Toffler wrote ‘Future Shock,’ in which he said that there would be too much change in too short a period of time and that people would have difficulties adapting. In ways, he was right, although not 100%, in my view.  Yes, there are massive changes coming at us all the time, but the human […]


So here we go

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Wheee!  This is all so new, I have a blog at my age.  I can hardly wait to try all sorts of things with it.


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This year – 2009 was the first real year of my being an author.  With the publication of BLOSSOMS OF SIN, in November, I put my toe in the water.  Since then I have been working to publicize the book and to keep on writing.  I finished my fourth book, working title THE ELKO BLUES, […]

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