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I haven’t written much lately because I am truly gob-smacked.

Where to start… We have a billionaire with the world’s worst comb-over, borrowed from Bozo the Clown, saying he might run for president; his leadership qualifications being that he can use his money to bully people into doing what he wants.  Meanwhile, he’s making headlines over sending people to Hawaii to uncover the “truth about Obama’s birth certificate,” as if the certificate was not published over the internet and publicly upheld by the governor of the state, no less.

Here in Nevada, we have a congressional candidate who’s husband draws a Federal pension, but who wants to do away with Social Security (“transitioned out”).  In other words, “I got mine Jack.”

We’ve seen the governor of a state asking to do away with collective bargaining rights because of budgetary issues, then admitting the bargaining rights had no impact on the budget, and a state assembly trying to pass a law making it illegal to “prank the governor.”

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a television statement by congressmen, saying that what they said was not to be taken as factual, while another congressman thought that if the Senate did not act on a bill passed by the House, it automatically became law.

We’ve seen a continual cry to give tax breaks to the wealthy and to corporations, because they create jobs, yet at the same time, we see the jobless rate as high as it’s ever been since the great depression.  We also see bankers and investment managers who almost wrecked the world economy, giving themselves large bonuses.

Not to blame everything on the right, we have a president who talks about hope and change, but who continues the same policies that were in place when he came into office.  He seems to continually give in to the Republicans on just about every issue.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, that’s what is up is really down, and that what was once a “yes” or “no” is now a “maybe.”


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