Have the terrorists won?

Posted by marshal on December 16, 2010 in political opinion |

You have to ask yourself, have the terrorists won?  We are no longer a united country, but one divided along political lines.  We have true heroes, the 9-11 first responders, being left high and dry so that the wealthiest 2% of our population won’t have to pay another 4% of taxes on their income.  We have legislation stalled without any compromising; we have an economy headed for bankruptcy while we are mired down in a war that has been going on for eight years, a war whose original purpose was to simply capture Osama Ben Laden.  Instead, we let him slip away while a second front was opened in Iraq.  Meanwhile, back at home, we are afraid to fly unless there is a guarantee we won’t die in the flight, but we balk at any procedure that would detect bombs.  So yeah, I’m beginning to think the terrorists won.

There is not much to laugh about now.  That’s why I applauded the woman who showed up in a bikini to go through airport security, or the wheelchair bound woman who was dressed only in panties and a bra.  I have been suggesting to my friends that we all do this.  If you’ve got to fly, put some clothes in a bag, go through security with as little on as possible, and then get dressed on the other side.  In other words, let’s start showing some humor in the situation.  Let’s say no to the fearmongers on both sides of the aisle that are keeping us divided.  Let’s start jeering at politicians who put their parties above practical sense.  Let’s get back to the way Americans laugh, or brother, let me tell you, the terrorists will have won.

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