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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week. My new book, The Amargosa Blues, is out and I am busy re-writing A Fatal Misunderstanding, my next book. What I have been thinking about is the old saying that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. I’m finding that’s true with writing.

Coming up with a plot is not all that difficult for me, nor are character sketches. What I find difficult is the grind of re-reading and re-writing. I get bored easily, so reading the same thing three or four times gets to me. On the other hand, it seems like every time I read over something, I find a typo, a transposition, a phrase that I don’t like, and so on. The grunt work is necessary.

Even when the book is edited and as complete as I can make it, there is still more work to be done: consultation with the artists for the cover; the discussions with the publisher over the galleys, and so on.

With the new book in hand, there is still more work. I have self published because I think my writing is not what most agents are looking for. I would love to have an agent, but I am too easily frustrated to collect 100 rejection slips, a challenge that I read about in Writer’s Digest. Maybe I will do that for my third book.

Distribution is the next hurdle, and I confess I haven’t gotten a satisfactory plan for this. Being self published is a sort of stigma, so many possible points of distribution are closed to me. My next big task then, is to figure out how to introduce my books to the general public. If anyone has any ideas on this, please pass them along.

You might ask, with all this I face just getting my books into print, why do I do it? I can only refer back to Lady Murasaki Shikibu (Tale of Genji), who said that the life one leads or what one knows, comples one to write. I guess that says it all.

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